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About Vocabulary

One of the easiest ways to bolster your existing communication skills is to add new words to your written and spoken vocabulary. All forms of the written and spoken word—from fiction to journalism to essay writing to poetry—benefit from a strong vocabulary. To that end, the time you spend improving your vocabulary skills is actually time invested in your communication skills.

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Power Vocabulary

Power Vocabulary module exhibits that vocabulary building is easiest when you encounter words in context. Seeing words appear in a novel or a newspaper article can be far more helpful than seeing them appear on vocabulary lists. It uses the pictorial format to use this reference to context. Visual memory retention is much better than reading memory.

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Foundation Power Vocabulary

Foundation Power Vocabulary uses the similar technique explaining the meaning of a word with reference to context in pictorial format. Both the modules use various application of the same words with different meanings to the context. These modules make most use of digital flash cards, word games, assessment.

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Why Power Vocabulary?

1.	More than 3500 words

More than 3500 words

Both modules put together have more than 3500 words. This is more than sufficient for a student at the age of 9 or 10 to enhance his/her vocabulary

Detailed Analysis

Context to Classic Reading Books

The power vocabulary has referred Classic Reading books and children’s classic books to pick up the important words. And we insist our students to read these books.

Exams as close as real

Structured way of learning

The module has been divided into more than 100 files spread over with a structure of various units. A student can plan his reading books and learning the vocabulary in a structured way.

All Topics Covered

Visual presentation

Each word has been presented with its meaning and application in a visual presentation way. Visual memory retention is far superior to reading memory retention.

For Grammar and Independent Schools

Digital Flash cards

Both modules have number of digital flash card, a student can use and assess his/her learning. This also helps a student to assess and retain the words.

Challenging Questions


Each module has more than 8 assessments. These assessments have questions based on more than 100 words from each module.